Common Faults In The Volkswagen Transporter T5

VW Transporter T5 Engine

If you own a Volkswagen Transporter T5, it may have many miles on the odometer. The T5 is a very reliable van, but even with careful use and regular service, age and wear start to show. For VW van servicing or repairs in Manchester, bring your van to our VW van centre in Manchester.

Knowing the type of problems that you can expect with your T5 makes it easier for you to get it addressed before it becomes a costly repair. On the other hand, if you are buying a used T5, this information will come in handy before finalising the purchase.

The Volkswagen Transporter T5

The VW T5 was introduced in 2003 and got a cosmetic upgrade in 2009. In 2015, Volkswagen replaced the model with the T6. The T5 is a versatile van and VW offered several body types including long and short wheelbase models and even a minibus model. Several engine types, transmissions and power output options were also available.

These vans, especially the models with manual transmissions, are mechanically sound and provide many years of trouble-free service. However, some issues are common. These are the problems that you should watch out for as your van gets older or when you are buying a used van.

Flywheel Problems

The degradation of the dual-mass flywheel is a common problem in the T5. This could probably be the case if you hear a rattling sound when the engine is on idle. This noise tends to be subtle in the initial stages, but as the flywheel gets more worn, it becomes quite noticeable.

You could also experience a strange judder when you raise the clutch slowly in first gear. As the problem gets worse, the engine starts to get rough and you hear rattling or knocking sounds or it feels as if the engine is misfiring. If you have flywheel problems, it’s best to get it checked and repaired. If it has failed completely, you could be looking at large bill.

Steering Column Knocking

The problem with the steering column can occur even in sparingly used T5s. So, even when you buy a T5 with low mileage, watch out for this defect. This could be the case if you hear a clunking sound or have a knocking steering column. The solution is to get the lower knuckle of the steering column replaced, but sometimes, even that doesn’t help. An expert will be able to guide you here.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve (EGR) Failure

EGR valves get dirty and sometimes sticky in the T5. It’s a known issue that has also been carried forward to the T6. This fault is easily detected because it causes the engine management light to glow. Replacement of the EGR valve is the solution.

Engine-Related Problems

Some models of the T5 are belt driven and the cambelt has to be periodically replaced. You can view our cambelt replacement prices on our service pricing page. You should also check for signs of oil leaks. Pay particular attention to the areas around the oil pump and the camshaft oil seal.

Some T5 engines like the 2.0 turbo sometimes develop oil pressure issues. This is a known problem. If there is a loud knocking sound from the engine, get it checked without delay.

Drive Shaft Issues

If you hear a clunk when you lift the clutch and pull away, the problem could be the drive shaft. It’s usually caused by rust, which eventually causes the shaft to fail. The problem is more common after the van has done a considerable amount of mileage. Failure of drive-shaft splines are also not uncommon.

Water Pump Problems

Water pump problems are more common in the 2.5 litre engine models. The seals leak or bearings fail resulting in coolant getting into the engine. The loss of coolant beyond a point will cause the engine to overheat. Fortunately, the problem becomes evident when the coolant low warning lights up on the dashboard. It has to be repaired immediately to avoid a total engine failure.

Other T5 Issues

If the suspension of your T5 is knocking, the problem could be worn out bushes or the failure of the rear springs.

Leaking windows are a common problem unless the drain holes are kept clean. So, take care to check these regularly if rain is forecast. If water accumulates in the van, it could damage the electrical system. It can also lead to a musty smell and in wome cases even mould.

The T5 is not too prone to rusting unless it was damaged. So, if you are buying an old van, check for rust. If you find any signs of major rusting or rot, you should have second thoughts about buying it.

If the ABS warning light shows up often, it could be a bad sensor or a wiring fault. It’s usually easy to fix

Periodic Servicing

All commercial vans need regular servicing. If your van is due for service, get it serviced in time to maintain its performance and resale value. You will also avoid costly repairs. Get your van serviced at an approved garage like our VW van centre in Manchester. Specialist garages like ours generally give dealer-quality service at reasonable prices.

Before buying a used van, check the service history. If you don’t find evidence of servicing at recommended intervals, its poorly maintained. In such cases, it’s better to look for another van rather than suffer the consequences of someone’s negligence.

The Volkswagen T5 is a very reliable commercial van and it has proved itself over the last 17 years. If you own a VW T5 in or around Manchester and it’s due for service or if you suspect a problem with your van, drop in to our VW van centre in Manchester. We will take good care of your van and you will get high-quality and friendly service at reasonable rates.

For VW van servicing  in Manchester and North Manchester, Bury, Oldham, Bolton, Rochdale, Tameside etc, contact us or call us on 0161 628 5270 at the Van Centre Manchester, with decades of experience our specialists are sure to service or repair your T5 to a high standard without breaking the bank.

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