Ford Transit Custom Common Problems


f you are in the market to purchase a reliable van for your company, hotel, or another niche, one of the most reliable vans is the Ford Transit Custom. These vans can easily transport volumes of material, equipment, and other items that need a great deal of space which is why Ford Transit Custom is a preferred van. The Ford Transit Custom is the most popular van in the UK.

Ford Transit Custom Reliability

Ford Transit Custom Engine

Considering the size, uniqueness, and ability to haul large loads, this van is a favourite. In many cases, owners will spend quite a few years before turning it in for a newer model. In 2015 and 2016, they experienced issues just like all other models but, in general, it’s a good vehicle.

What Issues Affect The Ford Transit Custom?

In the past, the Ford Transit had some issues including the engine. Vehicles that were directly off the assembly had engine compression issues causing a lack of power. On top of that, owners were not getting the help they needed from Ford’s customer service or from the service centres.

Another situation, these vans were known for having a loose additional bolt in the electric power steering system.

The 2.0 TDCi models have suffered from poor performance which was traced back to a faulty turbocharger actuator.

The TDCi also had problems with the engine failing to respond when pressure was placed on the accelerator. They found this was caused by chafed insulation on the wiring from the accelerator position sensor but could be fixed easily once discovered.

As just mentioned, A loose bolt in the electric power steering system was causing issues and the only solution they had was to replace the steering gear.

A faulty fuse for the cooling system was overheating and was found the fuse was of an incorrect spec. The fuse would blow under minor loads causing the cooling fan to be inoperative. The solution, they replaced the 20A fuse with a 30A fuse, and all seems well.

These issues and concerns were discovered and eventually corrected in newer models to avoid having these incidents surface again. There have been issues that are not related to the engine such as seat belts, rear differential and a lack of electrical power beneath the dash during standard operations. These malfunctions could have been a safety issue and were becoming financially unacceptable, leaving negative thoughts in the minds of owners or shoppers who were considering the vehicle.

For Reliability – What Was Ford Transit Customer Van’s Best Year?

Ford Transit Custom Interior

The best years of reliability for the Ford Transit are 2017 and beyond. 2015 and 2016 were known for engine and rear differential issues that gave Ford a bad name for the Transit. If you run into either of these two years, look for an alternate vehicle.

What Can I Expect To Get In Mileage With The Ford Transit?

As with all vehicles, the more maintenance and care you provide, the longer it will last. With minimal maintenance, you can expect to get around 125,000 to 150,000 miles before starting to run into major repairs. On the other hand, if you provide scheduled maintenance and even preventative services, you may get 300,000 miles before looking for a newer model.

There are other problems concerning the Transit Custom including the cooling fan system, a damaged turbocharger actuator connector and transmission synchromesh failure.

Reports showed between 2013 and 2017 there were transmission problems. The gearbox would drop from first gear into neutral and when it pops out of second gear into neutral. The fault rested with the synchroniser on the first and second gear.

Has The Transit Custom Gone Through Recalls?

Ford Transit Custom Orange

The Transit Custom has gone through 3 recalls in its life. First, the left-side seatbelt height adjuster bolt needed to be much tighter than it was. The second was an incorrect positive dual battery cable. Lastly, was the run-on water pump which continually overheated.

To date, all these issues should have been cleaned up by the dealer. If not, you can take your vehicle to the dealer for a free repair or you can do it yourself.

For the battery repair, all you have to do is swap the faulty cable for a new cable.


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