How To Achieve a Well-Managed Van Fleet

There are several easy ways that you can make sure your van fleet is managed well. Firstly, you need to look at how you can monitor the use and service needs of each vehicle. Vehicle records must be kept and updated after every use.

The system needs to be simple, for example, having the driver record the odometer reading after each trip. This makes it easy to determine whether or not the vehicle is due for a service. Using these records, you can adjust the fleet service schedules according to how much the vehicles are used.

Any special maintenance or checks needed can be noted and passed on to the garage when the van goes for a service.

Drivers should be encouraged to record and report even minor problems so that they can be looked at and addressed before they become a problem. If a serious issue is found it can be dealt with immediately and other minor issues noted for inclusion in the next service. Taking the vehicle in for checks should be a separately rostered task so that reporting an issue does not automatically mean extra work for the driver.

Consider fleet management software if you have a large fleet. This will make life a lot easier for the fleet manager and gives the following key benefits:

  • Easy record keeping for every vehicle.
  • Schedule management – servicing and maintenance schedules can be adjusted according to the amount of use.
  • Immediate access to the vehicle’s history.
  • Timely alerts making you aware that maintenance is due.
  • Cost monitoring: You can see how much each vehicle is costing and/or contributing to your business.
  • Optimises routing – this reduces the overall mileage travelled and fuel consumption costs.
  • Identification of poorly performing vehicles and drivers.
  • Integration option for vehicle trackers so that issues like poor driving, route deviation and excessive idling can be highlighted and addressed.

We know that you want a high-quality fleet and at Volksmaster Van Service Centre Manchester  we are proud to provide the highest quality maintenance. We help maintain a number of commercial van fleets, providing the care and attention that are essential to keep them running efficiently.

You can learn more about what we can do for your business by visiting our van fleet servicing information page. Alternatively you can contact us or call 0161 628 5270 and we will contact you to discuss how we can help you get the maximum from your vans.

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