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f you have a fleet of Volkswagen vans I’m sure they are extremely important to the operation of your business. If you have maintenance issues, it can cause a great loss in your profitability.

You must be sure to have periodic checks and maintenance schedules to keep down your operating costs and prevent downtime. To keep your vans in great condition you must have regular maintenance with your Volkswagen specialist garage such as the Volksmaster Van Centre.

As you might know, Volkswagen has a range of van models for business. Their list of models is quite impressive, you are sure to find one that will meet your needs. Some of the latest models include:

  • Amarok
  • Caddy Kombi
  • Transporter Kombi
  • Caddy Panel Van
  • Transporter Panel Van
  • Crafter Panel Van
  • Single Cab Transporter
  • Transporter Shuttle
  • Caravelle
  • California

Whether you have one or two of the latest models or older vans, you know that regular maintenance is very important. Because of high duty cycles, commercial vehicles will need a lot more attention to maintenance than personal vehicles. We’ve provided some tips to help you keep your fleet running properly:

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Your owner’s manual is loaded with valuable information regarding your van and also includes DIY check and maintenance requirements. It will also provide information about minor problems that you can probably fix yourself.

Check The Engine Oil

The engine oil must be changed in accordance to the manufacturer’s recommendation at periodic times. Use oil by the given specifications. You will avoid unnecessary wear and tear down the road.

Check The Air Filter

This includes how to check and replace the filter but frequent checks include if you drive through dusty areas you must check the air filter at least every month. If it’s dirty, it might be time to replace it.

Check The Transmission Fluid Levels

Gear problems are usually caused by low transmission fluid. This will happen if the fluid is not being topped up or has lost fluid due to a leakage problem. Check the level by removing the dip stick. If it’s low, but your van has gone through regular maintenance services, it could be a leak. You should go to your garage and get it checked out as soon as possible.

Check The Battery

Evaporation and Electrolysis can cause a drop in the electrolyte levels. If the battery in your van needs topping up, check it every week. Make sure you only use distilled water to top up the battery. While checking the battery, look for silt deposits or signs of erosion on the terminal. You should clean any deposits forming on the terminal.

Keep An Eye Out For Brake Problems

If you experience squealing sounds when coming to a stop or see smoke or a burning smell near the wheels after stopping, these are problems you must address regarding the breaking system and do it as soon as possible. If you notice any of these problems or deterioration in breaking performance, do not continue to use the van until it can be checked by a professional mechanic.

Always Check The Tyres

Tyres on commercial vehicles have a tendency to wear out more often than on private vehicles. This is often caused by frequent usage conditions. Keep in mind, using a vehicle with worn out tyres can be dangerous. Check the treads from time to time and look for any uneven wear. Have the tyres rotated as recommended in your tyre manual and get the wheel alignment checked when you get your van inspected.

Keep The Exterior In Good Condition

The appearance of your vans are critical for commercial vehicles. Keep in mind, your van is important advertising for your business. You don’t want to send a bad message. Make sure you wash your vans with water at lease once a month, more often if possible. You need to remove marks, dirt, bird droppings and leaves regularly.

When washing the van, look for any signs of scratches and areas where there might be paint damage. Damaged paint can lead to rust causing larger issuers which will be costly. Wax the van once a month to keep it attractive. Be careful not to polish plastic parts as it will leave a film. Waxing in dusty conditions can easily damage the paint. Us a glass cleaner to take care of your windscreens and windows from inside and out.

The best way to keep your Volkswagen van in good running condition, get it serviced regularly by a specialist garage. If you are in the Manchester area, we will be happy to service your VW van.

You can learn more about our service and view our Volkswagen van service prices. We will guarantee to keep your Volkswagen van in top condition. Our customers are very important to us, we want you to get the most out of your investment.

We know that you want a high-quality fleet and at Volksmaster Van Service Centre Manchester  we are proud to provide the highest quality maintenance. We help maintain a number of commercial van fleets, providing the care and attention that are essential to keep them running efficiently.

You can learn more about what we can do for your business by visiting our van fleet servicing information page. Alternatively you can contact us or call 0161 628 5270 to discuss how we can help you get the maximum from your VW vans.

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