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If you are driving along and your engine overheats, you should safely pull over and stop. If not, you can cause irreparable damage such as a cracked engine block, cracked cylinder head, or a seized engine. In turn, this will lead to serious and expensive repairs.

Actions To Take Your Engine Overheats

If the indicator shows the engine temperature moving toward the red zone, this is what you should do:

Switch off your a/c.

Reduce your speed and engine power to a minimum level and then look for a safe place to park.

Once you have parked safely, turn off the engine while keeping the ignition key in the ON position. This allows for the fans to run to help the engine cool down quickly.

Ensure the compressor of the cooling system is turned off. Open the windows and turn the air vents toward the outside. Put the fan in exhaust mode, move the a/c dial to the heater mode, and then increase the fan speed to the maximum level. The HVAC system will use the engine heat to warm the cabin. This will pull heat away from the engine to cool it down.

Step out of the vehicle and when it’s safe open the bonnet. This step will increase air circulation in the engine compartment and help the engine cool down faster.

Once the engine has cooled down properly, drive very slowly to the nearest garage. While driving, if you see the engine temperature starting to rise, stop and call for help. This could be the only alternative you will have to get your van towed to the garage.

Why Do Engines Overheat?

There are several circumstances that can lead to the engine overheating. You could have a blown head gasket or a faulty cooling system. Here are several causes for overheating.

A Clogged Or Blocked Radiator

There are many elements that can be blown into the radiator including dirt, road debris, and leaves. These elements will prevent proper airflow causing he coolant not to transfer heat efficiently. Remove the debris and clean the radiator. Radiators can also become blocked internally caused by rust. This will prevent the coolant from circulating which will result in overheating.

A Coolant Leak

For the cooling system to function properly, it’s important you use the right coolant at the required level. If the coolant is too low, you can end up with a leakage. Topping up the coolant is only a temporary fix. You must find and repair the leak to solve the problem.

A Cooling Fan Failure

The cooling fan ensures good airflow through the radiator even at low speeds and will let the coolant remove heat easily. The cooling fan sits behind the radiator. If you find the cooling fan is faulty, you must get it replaced as quickly as possible.

Thermostat Issues

The thermostat regulates the engine temperature and controls the operation of the cooling system. Find the thermostat that sits between the engine and the radiator. If your thermostat is not working properly, it cannot gauge the engine temperature and prevent the coolant from circulating in the radiator. You should get the thermostat replaced as soon as possible as this will lead to your engine overheating.

A Faulty Coolant Pump

The coolant pump circulates the coolant throughout the engine and the radiator. If the pump is worn out or failing, the entire cooling system will fail. Your best avenue is to have the coolant pump replaced in a timely manner.

A Blown Head Gasket

The head gasket should provide a good seal between the engine block and the cylinder head. When the head gasket starts deteriorating, it’s time to replace it. The first sign that the head gasket is going out is leakage. If you continue to use a worn gasket it will lead to blowing or will fail completely. Repairing involves replacing the gasket and repair any other problems that have surfaced from this situation.

Preventing Engine Overheating

Vans that are properly maintained will rarely have engine overheating issues. When you get your van serviced at the recommended intervals, issues that can lead to overheating will be detected and fixed by the technician long before they become serious.

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