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Fleet management can be difficult but if you don’t manage the fleet well your business is likely to suffer. Making sure that your vans are maintained regularly and effectively keeps the vans on the road, reducing both downtime and cost. If fleet management is poor then vehicles are off the road, downtime increases and running costs will rise.

The Four Main Challenges of Fleet Management

#1 Keeping Track of Service Schedules

Determining when a vehicle needs a service or time out for maintenance is more difficult for commercial fleet operators. There are so many people and vehicles it can be difficult to keep track of them all.

A commercial vehicle’s mileage is likely to increase rapidly so following the time-based schedule provided by the manufacturer is often not a viable option. With so many drivers and vehicles involved, identifying when a vehicle should have a service becomes harder.

In addition, commercial vehicles will often be used for transporting heavy loads, towing or may have to spend a lot of time waiting in line with the engine idling. All of these things fall outside the parameters of normal use as specified by the manufacturer. The vehicles need to be serviced and maintained more often making it a complicated process of organisation for fleet managers.

#2 Late reporting of problems

With multiple drivers and vehicles it is likely that small problems will not be reported until the point when they become serious and start to impact the experience of the driver. These small problems can then go on to become major problems which are more difficult and expensive to solve.

#3 Performance issues go undetected

With multiple drivers and vehicles in the fleet it can be hard to spot those that are underperforming. This is important because things like poor fuel economy can start to eat into your profits. Once identified these problems can be fixed. Similarly, where it is the driver who is not performing well, they can receive extra training before it starts to impact the bottom line.

#4 Making sure checks and maintenance are on time

Regular checks and maintenance will keep the fleet moving, avoiding unnecessary breakdowns and accidents. The normal checks like oil and tyre pressures are even more essential when a vehicle is used extensively. If tyres are underinflated they can wear more quickly, increase fuel costs or cause an accident. Neglecting routine maintenance and checks can prove to be very expensive.

Volksmaster Service for Fleets, Lease & Commercial Vehicles

Our Van Centre workshop is fully equipped and staffed with trained technicians to provide a great service for all types of commercial vehicles. We offer repairs designed to keep your business on the road, with appointments and schedules to suit your needs.

We can accommodate both long and short wheel base commercial vehicles such as VW Crafters, Mercedes Sprinters, etc., and believe that providing support to keep your vehicles on the road is vital to ensure the success of your business.

We accept fleet operators and other business accounts, please contact us for more details.

Peace Of Mind

Most vehicle manufacturers give the impression that if you have a fleet, lease or hire vehicle you must use their main dealer. However, this is not the case. Under EU legislation your contract or warranty will remain valid as long as the garage you use provides manufacturer’s own or approved parts.

As manufacturers must release all of this information and we have all the latest diagnostic tools we can guarantee that we are right up-to-date with all the new models and releases. We also provide a stamp in your service manual and a full vat receipt showing that genuine parts have been used.

Our Latest Google, Facebook & Trustpilot Reviews

  • Tom Ford Avatar
    Tom Ford
    27/08/2020 - Google

    Great service everytime, very helpful and friendly, well recommended 👍

    Rula Safi Avatar
    Rula Safi
    03/07/2020 - Google

    It was not easy to find a garage I could trust. To know what they are doing and be honest about what needs to be done. I know a fair amount about car mechanics, so Im not easily fooled and can identify a con-merchant. If the garage takes the time to fully explain what is wrong with your car and how they will fix it, and does not mind you asking questions, then its a fair sign that they can be trusted. I have been taking both my VW van and Golf there for almost 2 years. I am very happy with their work.

    Jordan Clancy Avatar
    Jordan Clancy
    30/06/2020 - Google

    Always a pleasure booking the car in highly recommend nathan and the lads do an amazing job the receptionist is lovely always willing to go the extra mile for there customers. I really wouldn't go anywhere else thanks again. Always on time very professional

  • Fraser Bardsley Avatar
    Fraser Bardsley
    09/06/2020 - Google

    Hi this garage was the best find I have ever had,I own a 2005 VW td5 Caravelle which I use daily as I have mobility problems so this van is my legs and has to be in good order. Nathan at Volksmaster helped me greatly with a problem the van had with loss of coolant that wasn't leaking to the outside of the car .They found water in the oil and diagnosed a water pump problem and after several oil and filter changes the replacement water pump had worked a treat.After a test drive wheel bearings and drop links also replaced and a noise that I had thought had been rattling side bars was sorted. Nathan & Callum helped me with there knowledge and advice and it was a pleasure to do business with them I have now decided after this top drawer service to keep my Caravelle at Volksmaster.Thank you Volksmaster

    Tom Ford Avatar
    Tom Ford
    positive review 
    04/03/2020 - Facebook

    great friendly service, will recommend to all 👍

    Anthony Boggiano Avatar
    Anthony Boggiano
    03/03/2020 - Google

    Volksmaster have looked after my Touareg for the past three years and have done a great job servicing and MOT'ing it - their work is always to a high standard and at a great price. Recommend them to anyone.

  • Eric van der Steen Avatar
    Eric van der Steen
    positive review 
    02/03/2020 - Facebook

    Always got me out of the sh#t when my T4s been sick x

    Marc Ellis Avatar
    Marc Ellis
    08/02/2020 - Google

    Took my Audi in for airbag ECU coding . Quick sound lads had a good chat couldnt recomend them enough will be back. Cheers lads

    Andy Entwistle Avatar
    Andy Entwistle
    06/02/2020 - Google

    Having had a long recurring issue with my VW California i was recommend to Volksmaster Van Centre Oldham.
    Fantastic, professional service from start to finish.
    From booking in and being kept up to date by Stacy, to the explanation of the issue and how they resolved it by Nathan.
    Would highly recommend all the team at Volksmaster.

  • Steven Drew Avatar
    Steven Drew
    14/01/2020 - Google

    I had quite a bad central locking fault on my Caddy, which was a real pain for me. Volksmaster did a cracking job to find and fix the fault and went above and beyond in all their service. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff also. Cracking job and service from Volksmaster, would highly recommend.

    Clare Hirst Avatar
    Clare Hirst
    23/11/2019 - Google

    Friendly and quick service. They did my cam belt change no problem. Have used this place before and they are 100% reliable. Car was also cleaned inside and out.Thanks very much guys!

    Mark Stockton Avatar
    Mark Stockton
    20/11/2019 - Google

    All good, efficient and professional as usual

  • Phil Popland Avatar
    Phil Popland
    13/04/2019 - Google

    Great job and good guys. Excellent.

    David Eckersall Avatar
    David Eckersall
    05/04/2019 - Google

    Really impressed with the service, fixed my window and were really good at keeping me in the loop with all work done. Van came back cleaned inside and out. Mega! Thanks guys.

    David Eckersall Avatar
    David Eckersall
    05/04/2019 - Google

    Really impressed with the service, fixed my window and were really good at keeping me in the loop with all work done. Van came back cleaned inside and out. Mega! Thanks guys.

  • Sum Nxt Man Avatar
    Sum Nxt Man
    18/03/2019 - Google

    Great garage good lads know what they're doing when it comes to volkswagen's

    Sum Nxt Manc Avatar
    Sum Nxt Manc
    18/03/2019 - Google

    Great garage good lads know what they're doing when it comes to volkswagen's

    Gregory Jones Avatar
    Gregory Jones
    03/01/2019 - Google

    Took my 2009 T5 in to Volksmaster yesterday morning, losing power and producing a black exhaust.They quickly diagnosed an inter-cooler problem. Parts delivered, repair completed, vehicle tested, picked up at 10:00 this morning. They are a friendly team with a strong customer focus. Their work is exceptional and charges are highly competitive. I will not go anywhere else for my vehicle repairs.

  • Robin Durkan Avatar
    Robin Durkan
    positive review 
    12/11/2018 - Facebook

    Great customer service, friendly and helpful. Fast response to all enquires and very accommodating. 👍

    Joseph shaw Avatar
    Joseph shaw
    26/09/2018 - Google

    Major engine problems while travelling down south for a holiday. Seen by Nathan and the team the following morning. Excellent service. Van still driving beautifully over 2 months later. Highly recommended.

    Truck Talk Videos Avatar
    Truck Talk Videos
    15/12/2017 - Google

    Great lads,great job.fixed my car when no one else could

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