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or businesses using commercial vans, their uptime, reliability and running costs are critical. If you use commercial vans for your business, keeping them in good condition can be somewhat challenging. If you are in Manchester or surrounding areas, we make the process of van service, MOT and repairs easy and hassle free.

Many businesses use vans and for most of them, their operations depend on their vans. Although vans are primarily used for transportation, small businesses also use them as mobile offices, store rooms and break rooms. For some service providers like food-van owners, the van is also their shop front. Here are some common applications of commercial vans where the business depends on the fleet.

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If you are a builder, vans are crucial for your projects. Construction materials like bricks and cement bags are heavy and construction vans operate under tough conditions. Wear and tear will be common and frequent checks and regular servicing is essential. A breakdown can be very disruptive to your work and usually results in unnecessary expenses, losses and delays. This also makes it important to have access to a garage that can perform accurate diagnosis and perfect repairs in the shortest possible time.

If you are a joiner, carpenter or carpet fitter, your day-to-day work depends on your van. You probably use it to transport materials, tools and equipment between your office and worksites. The same goes for painters and decorators. Needless to say, van uptime and operating costs are critical for your business.

If you are a plumber or gardener, your van is not just a vehicle for transporting materials and tools, it also doubles as a mobile office and workshop. Your business is service oriented and word of mouth is important. Reputation can make a lot of difference when it comes to getting new enquiries and retaining existing customers. Your van is critical for reaching work locations in time and providing prompt service. You also drive around a lot and you want the ride to be comfortable. Having a well-maintained and reliable van that runs smoothly can make a big difference.

For removals, the entire business circles around their transporters. Removal vans have to carry heavy loads and sometimes navigate roads that may not be ideal for such heavily loaded vehicles. Removal companies have to use a heavy-duty van and ensure that it’s regularly checked and maintained well.

While most businesses can rent an alternative if one of their vans break down, this is usually not an option for food truck owners. Their entire business centres around their van and they can’t operate if they can’t get to the right place at the right time. Any vehicle that doubles as a shop front needs regular maintenance and care.

For businesses depending on vans, fuel and maintenance costs can add up to a large sum. Most of these businesses are highly competitive and price sensitive. A van that breaks down often or has high running costs can make a significant dent in profits.

When your van is critical for your operations, taking it off duty for maintenance or MOTs can be a challenge. You have to plan carefully to ensure that the unavailability of the vehicle does not affect your operations significantly. The first thing to do is to find the right garage. You need one that is dependable, gives you fast service when required and has the technical knowledge.

Finding The Right Garage

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For reliable and economical van maintenance, you need a garage that has the right equipment, people and experience. It should use good quality spares to ensure that maintenance and repairs are reliable, economical and maintains the resale value of your van.

While any garage that fits the above description is a good place for van servicing, a garage that specialises in vans is a much better option. Service centres that mostly cater to commercial vehicles or vans will be more tuned to your requirements. Without private cars competing for service slots, you are also likely to get appointments faster.

Let us help you take away your worries about van MOTs, servicing and repairs in Manchester. Our van servicing centre in North Manchester is just the garage you need. Our van service centre performs van MOTs and all types of van servicing and repairs.

Why Choose Volksmaster Van Service Centre

Our van centre offers excellent service for a wide range of brands and models such as Volkswagen, Ford, Citroen, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Fiat and Renault. We service and repair all types of vans. Both long and short wheel bases can be serviced at our garage.

Our company has more than 30 years of experience in servicing cars and commercial vehicles. We offer a wide range of service options. We can work exactly according to the company service schedule or we can give you a better schedule that is taylor made to your usage patterns.

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We understand the needs of our commercial customers. Servicing at Volksmaster is always done with the aim of giving you maximum uptime and reliability. At the same time, we also keep your costs in mind. We use company spares during warranty and for older vehicles, you can choose between company spares or equivalent high-quality spares, which come cheaper. After service, we will update your digital service records and stamp your service booklet.

You have the option of either bringing in your van or we can collect it from your office. After service, your van will be returned to a location you choose. We also offer courtesy cars so you can remain mobile.

MOTs at Volksmaster are hassle free. We do an impartial MOT and in case of any defects, you have the option of having Volksmaster do the necessary work or you can take your vehicle to any other garage. We always inform you of any necessary and/or recommended repairs before we undertake any work.

Volksmaster is trusted by thousands of regular customers. We can handle van fleets and help you with all aspects of keeping your fleet in good condition. Book your service, repair or MOT using the form below.

Alternatively you can contact us or call 0161 628 5270 to discuss how we can help you get the maximum from your vans.

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