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The very fact that you own a Volkswagen van shows that you value quality and performance. If you are using it for your business, chances are that it’s critical for your day-to-day operations. If your van is critical for your business, you just can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to maintenance. A reliable VW van centre in Manchester will help you get excellent performance from your Volkswagen van for years.

Regular And Timely Van Maintenance Makes All The Difference

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All vehicles need timely service and proper maintenance, but for commercial vans, this can make all the difference. Breakdowns are inconvenient and expensive. It can disrupt operations and affect your customer service. Lack of maintenance has its own cost.

Unlike personal cars, busy commercial vans accumulate mileage quickly. They have intensive and tougher operating conditions like carrying heavy loads and extensive idling. The tougher usage conditions result in increased wear and the need for more frequent servicing.

Periodic servicing ensures that consumables are regularly replaced, minor problems are detected and repaired on time and the performance, reliability and safety of your van is maintained. As your VW van gets older, age and wear will start to tell on its components. For vans that are intensively used, major repairs will be needed at several points in its lifespan.

If you are getting your van serviced at a reliable garage, all these problems can be correctly diagnosed and competently repaired. With regular servicing at a good VW van centre in Manchester, your van will continue to give you excellent performance for years to come.

For your VW van service, you have three major options. You could go to the Main Dealer or to a general garage or to a VW specialist garage in Manchester. It’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options.

Main Dealer Garage – Usually Reliable, But Expensive

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The Main Dealer garage generally gives good service and you are assured of company spares and consumables. That said, it’s not the best place to service your van, especially when it’s past its warranty period.

A VW Dealer garage is the most expensive option for servicing and is not value for money. Commercial vans need frequent servicing and with older vans, these extra costs easily add up to make a dent in your profits.

Replacement of any major component can be expensive, but it’s not always necessary. Some components like the gearbox can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Unfortunately, Main Dealer garages usually offer replacement as the only option for several components. This increases your maintenance costs and for older vans, it may not even make economic sense.

Another problem at the Main Dealer garage is the choice of spares. Usually, good-quality OEM spares will give the same performance as the manufacturer spares. At the Main Dealer garage, manufacturer spares are almost always used. This again adds to your van maintenance costs with no additional benefits.

General Garage – Cheaper, But Risky

Your second option for VW van servicing in Manchester is a non-specialist garage. These general garages may be cheaper than Main Dealer or specialist garages, but they may not have the right equipment or VW specialist mechanics. The right equipment and competent mechanics are very important for ensuring accurate diagnosis and correct repairs.

Your VW van is a high-performance vehicle and needs quality service. Incomplete or wrong diagnosis of problems can result in poor repairs. A bad repair is just a waste of money and could lead to bigger problems in the future.

The quality of spares and consumables used in some garages is questionable. If they are not right, it could result in degradation of performance, breakdowns or major repairs later.

Service quality is potentially the main problem with non-specialist garages.

Specialist Van Centres – Reliable And Economical Service

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The third option you have for VW van service is to go to a VW specialist van centre in Manchester. Although it may not be the cheapest garage in town, these VW specialist garages come with some unique advantages.

They have the requisite equipment and manufacturer-trained mechanics. So, they have the expertise and equipment to offer excellent service. If you have trouble with your van, you will get accurate diagnosis and the best repair option.

Service charges of specialist garages are cheaper than the Main Dealer garages for the same type of work. Where possible, they also give you the option of using cheaper OEM spares or standard manufacturer spares. Unlike the Main Dealers, they will repair a component where possible instead of immediately suggesting a replacement. So, overtime, you will save more.

Specialist garages will update your service book and digital service records. So, there is absolutely no worry about loss of service history or resale value.

For VW van servicing, repairs or MOTs in Manchester, contact our VW specialist van centre at Oldham. With our 25+ years of expertise and customer-focused service from a family run business, we are the best option when it comes to VW van servicing in Manchester. We offer a friendly, convenient and reliable service at reasonable prices. Contact our VW van centre, Manchester for more details.

Alternatively you can contact us or call 0161 628 5270 to discuss how we can help you get the maximum from your vans.

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