Common Problems With The Citroen Berlingo


itroen Berlingo has earned awards internationally and gained support from fleets across the country but what do owners think about its reliability? Opinions are mixed but on a general scale, owners of the Citroen with high mileage have experienced very few problems with these vehicles.

You will still find older Berlingos on the road and the popularity of pre-owned models has been good. In 2018, the model was improved upon since the first generation of vans. The design increased the van’s reliability although you can still find some common Citroen Berlingo issues.

Common Issues With Citroen Berlingo

Citroen Berlingo Engine

While reliability has remained good, there are some problems with Citroen Berlingo. The first-generation models had turbo failure on the diesel engines but that issue has been corrected on the later models.

The most common issue reported by owners is water getting into the fuse box. Fortunately, this is an inexpensive repair. Other issues include steering alignment and noisy suspensions. Electrical issues are also reported including failure of the infotainment system. Also, headlights or electric windows do not work properly.

Due to wear and tear, the vans will not stop and start when making deliveries.

Let’s take a closer look into Citroen Berlingo issues:

Citroen Berlingo 1.6HDi Issues

I’ve heard some really bad stories about the Citroen Berlingo 1.6HDi engine. It seems the engine requires a lot of preventative maintenance. Also, the engine requires owners to use high-grade engine oil. Those who decided not to use high-grade oil experienced failure turbo failure, in many cases. This was not solely an issue with Citroen, manufacturers were attempting to balance between fuel economy and low emissions.

If you are in the market to buy a used 1.6HDi, it would be very smart to check for a full-service history. Vans that are over 100,000 miles may need to replace the turbo since this is the leading problem with Citroen Berlingo.

Door Lock Issues

Citroen Berlingo Door Lock

A faulty door lock can be a problem with many vans. The Berlingo seems to have issues due to the electrical wiring that affects the central locking. You know there is a problem when the key fob makes the lights flash but will not lock or unlock the driver’s door.

In reality, this should be an easy fix but it seems owners and garages cannot seem to find the exact cause for the problem.To start with, you should check for broken wires in the wiring harness that runs in the rubber gutter between the driver’s door and the car’s body to correct the problem.

Issues With The Radio

While electrical wiring issues are common on many vans, the Berlingo has its own specific problems with the infotainment system or radio. In many cases, the radio won’t play at all, cannot be turned on, or starts to beep intermittently. It seems the problem lies in the electrical system.

A piece of advice from owners, there are 2 fuses that connect to the radio system. One operates the lights while the other operates the sound. If you are having issues, check and replace both fuses to potentially correct the problem.

Rear Axle Problems With Citroen Berlingo

Usually, you will discover a rear axle problem early on as the signs are visible and will probably be picked up at an MOT. The problem with the rear axle having issues is not often very clear until you hear a banging noise.

The bad news, not getting any warnings will prevent you from getting repairs performed. Instead, you will end up having to replace it. What causes the problem? It’s believed it’s the design of the pivot and needle bearings. With normal wear and tear, this is just another problem adding to Citroen Berlingo’s other issues.

Citroen Berlingo Has Starting Issues

Citroen Berlingo Ignition Key

Starting issues are pretty common with this vehicle. Once you have eliminated the obvious reasons for a dead battery, you will have to look deeper. There is no single issue that can cause starting problems.

If you hear a clicking sound when you try to start your van, chances are it’s a starter motor problem. Vans often fail under 100,000 miles because of the continual start-stop operation of the van.

If you do not hear a clicking sound, more than likely you have a clogged fuel filter. You might discover a drop in performance or have other intermittent issues while trying to start the van. It’s a good idea to clean the filter before jumping to the other conclusion that you need a new fuel pump.

Gear Selector Issues

If you are not able to change gears in your van, it’s probably going to be a linkage problem. Should the linkage become detached, you will be stuck in gear and unable to change it.

The good news, this is not an expensive repair and will not involve a lot of work. You should be able to get the selector arm back into the ball joint by simply lowering the clutch. Afterward, replace any worn parts.

In Terms Of Reliability

The earlier models of the Berlingo van won several awards for their ingenuity in creating a small van that drove like a car. Unfortunately, the van also came with issues regarding the turbo engine. The 2018 reboot solved those issues and had a good impact, making it one of the best years for Berlingo’s reliability.

The 2018 models have improved their reliability and performance without taking away the distinctive style that the original Berlingo is known for. In 2020 was the introduction of the electric model that has already won various awards. All said it will take a few years to come to a decision about its reliability. If the owners are as pleased with this model as they were with the third generation, then Citroen Berlingo might just take the lead.

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