Ford Transit Custom: 10 Common Problems

The Ford Transit Custom has earned its reputation as a reliable and versatile van, serving the needs of businesses and individuals alike. However, like any vehicle, it is not immune to certain common problems that may arise during its lifetime. For van owners and fleet managers, understanding these issues can be crucial in ensuring the longevity and performance of their Ford Transit Custom. In this article, we’ll explore 10 common problems reported by Transit Custom owners, providing insights for those seeking reliable van service and repair.

1. Clutch and Gearbox Woes

Ford Transit Custom Interior

One of the recurring challenges reported by Ford Transit Custom owners is related to the clutch and gearbox. Some have experienced premature wear of the clutch, leading to concerns about its longevity and replacement costs.

Additionally, issues with the gearbox, such as difficulty shifting gears or transmission noise, have been cited. Regular maintenance checks that include inspecting the clutch and gearbox can help identify potential issues early on, allowing for timely repairs and preventing more extensive damage.

2. Electrical Gremlins

Electrical problems can be a source of frustration for any vehicle owner and the Transit Custom is no exception. Reports have included troubles with the central locking system, malfunctioning dashboard displays, and various sensor issues.

As vans become more reliant on advanced electronic systems, addressing electrical problems promptly is essential to prevent potential breakdowns and ensure the safety and functionality of the vehicle.

3. Diesel Particulate Filter Dilemmas

Diesel vehicles, including the Ford Transit Custom, are equipped with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) to reduce emissions. Some owners have encountered problems with the DPF, leading to blockages and dashboard warning lights.

Regularly driving the van at higher speeds and adhering to recommended maintenance schedules can aid in preventing DPF issues. When these problems arise, seeking professional assistance promptly is crucial to avoid further damage to the exhaust system.

Ford Transit Custom Engine

4. Turbocharger Troubles

Turbocharger failures have been reported by Transit Custom owners, resulting in reduced engine performance and potential long-term damage. Turbochargers are essential components of modern diesel engines and issues can arise due to factors such as lack of proper lubrication or foreign object damage.

Regular engine checks and adhering to maintenance guidelines can help identify and address potential turbocharger problems before they escalate.

5. Cooling System Concerns

Problems within the cooling system, such as leaks or issues with the radiator, have been highlighted by some Transit Custom owners.

The cooling system is critical for regulating engine temperature and any malfunctions can lead to overheating and potential engine damage. Routine checks of the coolant level, hoses and radiator can help prevent cooling system issues, ensuring the van’s engine operates within optimal temperature ranges.

6. Suspension Snags

Owners have reported issues related to the suspension system, with some experiencing premature wear of suspension components.

A smooth and stable ride is crucial for a van’s performance, and worn-out suspension parts can lead to a rough driving experience and handling problems. Regular inspections and timely replacement of worn suspension components can help maintain the Transit Custom’s ride quality and overall performance.

7. Brake Blues

Brake-related problems, including premature wear of brake components and issues with brake pads and discs, have been noted by Transit Custom owners.

The braking system is fundamental to the safety of any vehicle, and regular checks, including brake pad and disc inspections, are essential. Prompt attention to any signs of brake issues, such as squeaking or reduced braking efficiency, can prevent accidents and ensure the van’s safety on the road.

Ford Transit Custom Country Road

8. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Woes

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system is designed to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, but some Transit Custom owners have reported issues with the EGR valve.

Failures in the EGR valve can impact engine performance and emissions. Regular servicing and using high-quality fuel can help mitigate potential EGR valve problems, ensuring the van meets emission standards and operates efficiently.

9. Fuel Injector Failures

Fuel injectors play a crucial role in the combustion process and some Transit Custom owners have experienced problems with these components.

Issues with fuel injectors can lead to poor fuel efficiency, rough idling and engine performance issues. Regularly using high-quality fuel and adhering to recommended maintenance schedules can contribute to the longevity of fuel injectors and prevent performance-related problems.

Ford Transit Custom

10. Power Steering Predicaments

Power steering system failures, including leaks and malfunctions, have been reported by Transit Custom owners.

A responsive and reliable power steering system is essential for maneuverability, especially in urban settings. Regular checks of the power steering fluid level and system components can help identify and address potential issues, ensuring a smooth and controlled driving experience.

In conclusion, while the Ford Transit Custom is a popular and reliable van, like any vehicle, it is not immune to certain common problems. Regular maintenance, timely repairs and attention to warning signs can go a long way in preventing these issues from escalating. For van owners and fleet managers, partnering with a service and repair provider specializing in Ford Transit Custom vehicles can ensure that these common challenges are addressed promptly and effectively, keeping the vans on the road and operating at their best.

Proper maintenance, regular servicing, and prompt attention to issues can help prevent further complications. It is recommended to consult a professional technician for diagnosis and repair of any problem with the Ford Transit Custom. Despite these issues, the Transit Custom remains a popular choice globally and continues to hold its position as one of the most reliable vans on the market.

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