Common Problems With The Peugeot Partner


he Peugeot Partner is a small van first introduced in 2008. Its popularity has grown over the years and there are many owners who express their loyalty. There have been many reviews and raves about this van’s features including its superb suspension and its 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine. All said, there have been some issues when it comes to its reliability.

There have been 8 recalls that have been major such as a faulty fuse box, defective airbags and loose seat belts. As of 2015, while several issues were fixed, there are still other issues that have surfaced. There have been issues regarding the gears and turbo failures that have tarnished their reputation. That said, enhanced safety features and an economical drive have continued to make this van very popular.

The Peugeot Partner’s popularity in the small van category is still number one. Even though the van has had positive ratings for reliability, since its introduction in 2008, it still has its flaws. The 8 recalls have led to some ongoing issues with reliability.

The update in 2015 removed some of the earlier issues and later models do have fewer problems. The introduction of the 1.5 Blu HDi engine was a welcomed addition thanks to its increased testing.

There are a few common Peugeot Partner problems we will address:

Peugeot Partner Clutch Issues

Peugeot Partner

One of the leading problems is the clutch slipping due to an oil problem. Oil leaks seem to happen below the crankshaft oil seal once the oil goes past a certain level. The problem also seems to get worse when the oil is topped up.

Older models of this van reported developing noisy squealing from the clutch. This issue would get even worse if unaddressed and is mostly an issue when idling or at low revs. In most cases, a new clutch bearing fixed the problem.

Peugeot Partner Door Lock Issues

Some owners have reported having problems using their key manually in the door. While this is an uncommon issue, if the door will not operate the door lock, then use some WD-40 to loosen the lock. If the lock remains seized, make sure all the doors are closed and then use some WD-40 on all of them. If it persists, you will need to get a new key made as a backup. You may need to check the sensors on all doors as it could be a faulty sensor triggering the central locking system.

Peugeot Partner Heating Issues

Peugeot Partner Heater Blower

Older models dating before 2018, had issues with the fan blower on the heating system failing. You might feel some heat, but the fan will not circulate the heat throughout the cabin. The problem seems to stem from the resistor that will stop working on settings 1 to 2 and again on 3 to 4. The location is somewhat hidden in the ducting above the pedal box and is not the easiest to replace.

Peugeot Partner Steering Issues

Heavy or clunky steering has become commonplace in the Peugeot Partner. In the worst-case scenario, the power steering rack or pump will have to be replaced but there could be an easier solution.

There is a U joint at the foot of the steering column that can seize up. Replacing it should get your steering back to its normal state.

Peugeot Partner Turbo Issues

Repeated turbo failures are serious and have become common with Peugeot Partner issues, especially in the 1.6 HDi engine. The reason for this failure is caused by poor service because the fitting instructions have not been exactly accurate.

It’s important to know when the turbocharger is failing and get it replaced so it will not cause engine damage. Keep an eye out for signs that the van is straining and losing power, especially on hills. It’s also important to use the correct quality of oil to prevent damage and check the injectors for any signs of problems.

Peugeot Partner Gearbox Issues

Peugeot Partner Gear Stick

There seems to be an issue with the gear linkage cable overstretching on many of these vans causing the gearbox to become sticky and in turn having problems engaging.

You should expect the gear linkage cable to last up to 150,000 miles but a lack of regular servicing can lead to premature failure issues.

Peugeot Partner Steering Issues

If you have a power-assisted steering problem, you will know it because the steering will feel heavy when you turn the wheel in any direction. Eventually, you will get a warning light on the dashboard.

The power steering on the Peugeot Partner runs on hydraulics so there are a few things you need to check out. Check the fluid for the power steering then check the pump. There have been reports that the pump failed around 26,000 miles which is far too soon.

Peugeot Partner Central Locking Issues

A failing central locking has been a common issue on these vans. In many cases, owners will notice the lights flashing but the driver’s door will not open. This usually means there is a problem with the wiring in the driver’s door which is not unusual on these vans. To add to the confusion, it’s sometimes found that the wiring problem is located in the passenger door.

In terms of reliability, what is the best year for Peugeot Partner Vans?

Earlier models had the most issues when it comes to reliability. Vans manufactured from 2015 up have improved features and better engines which makes them more reliable. Partnering with Citroen has led to greater improvements which added greater reliability to the 2015 model.

How long will the Peugeot Partner last in terms of mileage?

The number of miles can depend on the van’s service history. Most problems can be fixed pretty quickly providing they have been addressed in a timely manner. There should be no permanent damage to the engine. There are plenty of used Peugeot Partner vans up for sale that have over 100,000 miles.

Buying a Peugeot Partner with only 60,000 miles should be a good choice but be sure to check its service history. As an example, if you want to see if there was an oil change at 10,000 to 12,000 miles or every 12 months, it should be easy enough to find out.

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