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our plumbing business relies on offering a professional service to its customers. Plumbing vans play an important role in storing tools and other equipment plumbers need during the course of the day. A well-organised, well-maintained plumbing van will make all the difference whether the job is done properly or is unsatisfactory to its customers.

As safety is a critical part of a plumber’s job, regular maintenance is mandatory in order for the van to operate properly. Plumbing vans must be inspected based on the manufacturer’s requirements, ensuring all components are working, tires are checked for correct air pressure, and the van is operating in top condition. Making sure the van is clean and well organized will allow plumbers immediate access to all tools or materials they need in a timely manner.

Good Organisation

Cluttered Plumber Van

If a plumber has to spend too much time looking for tools or materials the longer it will take to complete a job. If the back of the van is cluttered and a total mess, customers will question the quality of your work.

An unorganised mess could pose a threat to your plumbers well being. If the van is not running properly, there’s a missing tail light, or the van hasn’t been washed in some time, you are leaving a very poor impression about your business.

Good Habits Lead To Good Plumbing Van Organisation

There should be schedules in place for plumbing van exterior and interior maintenance. You must present an image that you are professional and offer an excellent plumbing service for your customers. Making sure your vans are running properly and are clean are important steps.

Your checklist must include –

  • Have an up-to-date inventory list on each van.
  • Conduct weekly box truck inspections.
  • Check inventory on a quarterly basis.
  • Make sure all required maintenance on a van is performed on time.

All plumbing companies operate differently. Make sure all your policies are in place for upkeep in order to build your company’s reputation and meet your goals.

Organisation Ideas

Plumber Van Organisation

Again, not all plumbing services operate the same way but you have a responsibility to leave a good impression when a job has been completed. Work with your team to implement modifications that work and over time become routine. Here are some excellent organisational and storage ideas:

  • Develop a good van rack and storage bin system.
  • Shelving should have dividers and color-coding for easy access.
  • Consider using cargo nets attached to the top. Have hooks, magnetic strips, or tool holders to increase your vertical storage.
  • Install a roof ladder rack for moving ladders and large PVC pipes.
  • Develop a ceiling storage system for ladders or install brackets for large, longer items.
  • Redesign the bulkhead or the interior of the van’s doors for added tool storage.
  • Use individual boxes to organise and have immediate access to smaller parts.
  • For a better visibility, install LED light strips.
  • If well organised, you should have floor space for water heaters and heavy items or large pieces of equipment.
  • Cleaning supplies, including soaps and dusters, should be stored in the van for spur-of-the-moment cleanups.
  • Create an area for a trash can to remove clutter quickly.

Organisation – Pro Advice

Best practises – you need to see to it that your team is accountable for plumbing van organisation and inventory procedures.

Organise For The Sake Of Safety

It doesn’t matter if you have the latest trucks or tools if your teams are not organised. Take the time to make sure your vans are clean and organized before they head out.

Plumbing trucks are impossible to organise if you don’t have the best-equipped trucks including racks and shelving. Implement components, such as the bulkhead, to keep your plumbers and their equipment safe.

Setting Up Your Plumbing Vans Checklist

This is a good checklist to help you stay organised –

You can maximize your interior space by installing a plumbing van shelving system by using every inch of space. Use the back of the truck to its fullest while keeping safety and accessibility in the front of your mind.

If you have a fleet of trucks and many techs, you need to develop the best and most effective method for accountability. Keep your techs up-to-date on new implementations so they will know what must be taken care of and where all tools and equipment must be stored every time they are put back in place. You cannot afford to lose the tools that are needed every day. Always check your inventory and make sure everyone knows the specific locations for tools, materials, and other equipment.

You need to concentrate on getting your vans in shape. Your company vans should never be unkempt trash cans on wheels.

The Value Of Van Servicing

Not only is regular servicing a good idea, but it’s also a legal requirement. Over time, regular service will help you save money and your vans will be working properly over the long haul. When your vans are serviced on time, you will have smooth-running vehicles and save on fuel vs breakdowns and the possibility of business downtime.

VW Van Service

Regular maintenance service is critical to keep your products safe as well as your drivers. Wear and tear is inevitable when your vans are being used every single day. Maintenance should be kept up to guarantee wear and tear will not impact your vans over time.

If your business relies on a fleet of vans, you need to understand they are representing your business and your brand’s reputation. If your vans are not reliable, are constantly breaking down, are cluttered with junk, or just come across as unprofessional, your business will suffer sooner than you might think.

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