Volkswagen Transporter 6 Common Problems

When it comes to purchasing a used VW T6 Transporter, it’s important to be aware of the potential issues that may arise. While the T6 is known for its reliability and build quality, there are still some common problems to look out for.

Which Model VW T6 Transporter?

One of the key things to consider when buying a VW T6 is the model. Over the years, there have been a wide range of different Transporter models, each with their own set of features and specifications. Some popular models include the LWB, SWB, Caravelle, Shuttle, Highline, Sportline, and Trendline.

Buying A Used VW T6

VW Transporter 6

Due to their high residual value, VW T6s have become increasingly popular as vehicles for conversion projects. The good news is that the price of these vehicles has dropped significantly in recent years, with many available on eBay for as low as 10k-12k.

When buying a used VW T6, it’s important to check for a full service history. Many of these vehicles are on long life service plans, so it’s essential to make sure that no services have been missed. It’s also important to check if any recalls have been carried out on the vehicle.

Another thing to look out for is poor starting and running, as well as the well-known engine light issue that affects T6s of any age and mileage. This could indicate an EGR problem, which is something to keep an eye on. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check the MOT history for signs of wear and tear.

Overall, while the VW T6 Transporter is known for its reliability and build quality, it’s still important to be aware of potential issues when purchasing a used vehicle. By taking the time to check for a full service history, recalls, and signs of wear and tear, you can ensure that you’re getting a high-quality vehicle that will serve you well for years to come.

VW T6 Common Problems

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The VW T6 is a relatively new model, having been introduced in 2016. Despite its relatively short lifespan, many T6s are already hitting high mileage, providing a wealth of information on the vehicle’s mechanicals. One of the advantages of the T6 is that it shares many components with the tried-and-true T5, which has a well-established track record for reliability.

VW T6 Service Intervals

VW Transporter 6 Service Warning

One of the key things to keep in mind when owning a VW T6 is the service intervals. These intervals have been extended thanks to advances in engine technology and long-life oil quality. There are two options for service intervals: a fixed-time service, which is based on either distance or time since the last service, and a flexible service regime, intended for frequent users doing at least 25 miles per day. The majority of VW enthusiasts still stick to the fixed-time service (every 12,000 miles) and this is the recommendation if you’re unsure which to choose.

Another tip for new VW T6 owners is to invest in a cheap workshop manual for the vehicle, as the standard information provided by VW is not particularly detailed for home maintenance.

VW T6 Engine Issues

VW Transporter 6 Engine

There have been some reports of engine failure in the 2.0 TDI 180 and 205 Bi-Turbo range, with the most common cause being a malfunctioning EGR valve allowing coolant to escape into the engine cylinders.

These repairs have usually been covered under warranty but as the vehicles are starting to get older, it may be harder to argue for the repair costs to be covered. Some owners also reported minor malfunctions, such as the yellow engine management light coming on with a fault code of P0401, which is usually caused by an insufficient exhaust gas re-circulation flow in the system. The solution to this is usually an EGR flush or clean, as the valve can become clogged with carbon build up from short journeys.

VW T6 Recalls

In terms of recalls, the VW T6 has had a few relatively minor issues such as a side airbag malfunction, a drivers door bowden cable malfunctioning in cold temperatures and three fuel hoses that required replacement. It’s possible to check if all recalls have been carried out by searching the .Gov database using the vehicle registration number.

VW T6 EGR Problems

Another common problem with the VW T6 is issues with the EGR valve. VW has been doing EGR flushes under warranty to repair this issue, but if the vehicle is out of warranty, it will be a chargeable repair. If you want to try and fix the problem yourself, one of the best EGR specific cleaners available in the UK is manufactured by Wynns, which breaks down carbon buildup well. It is worth considering replacing the EGR Cooler if the fault keeps reappearing or the vehicle is approaching higher mileage.

VW T6 Remap Problems

Remapping a VW T6 is a common practice, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a successful and safe remap. It’s important to choose a specialist who focuses primarily on remapping VW Transporters, instead of a general garage or individual with a laptop. Before a remap, it’s always a good idea to have a diagnostic run on general wear and tear items. Skipping this step, especially on higher-mileage examples, can result in problems cropping up soon after a remap, as already worn-out components fail much sooner.

The mapping figures need to be carefully adjusted to match the design parameters of the associated drivetrain parts, which is something a specialist will know how to do. A small increase in some of the mapping figures can cause damage to key components if the mapping is applied incorrectly. This includes things like fuelling, timing, or boost, which can have a direct impact on the longevity of engine components.

VW T6 Leaking Windows

VW Transporter 6 Window Leak

Another issue that has been reported is leaks in the side windows of Kombi’s and other models that come factory-fitted with side windows. The cause has been identified as a bad design of the window drains, which results in water seeping in around the window seals and running down the inside of the panel. This can cause extra damage for those with kitchen units or camper conversions. VW has been carrying out repairs under warranty to rectify this problem.

VW Transporter T6 Reliability

Overall, the VW T6 is considered a reliable van, with only a few common problems reported. When buying a used T6, it’s important to check that any recalls have been done, check around the rear side windows for leaks and check for any history regarding the EGR. Checking for historic EGR issues is the most challenging check and it’s best to rely on the seller giving you an honest answer. Other than the engine management light being on, there is no other indication of EGR problems.

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